Zori and Alex's Story

Zori and Alex are sisters.

  • Both have a lovable, sweet spirit. 
  • Both were diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that limits their mobility.
  • Both girls have attended CECO since elementary school age. 
Zori and Alex found little success in the school system.  Their parents began a search to find a better environment for both girls...enter CECO. With the commitment of CECO and the family, the girls have both experienced great growth over the years.  They both have learned to take independent steps, participate in daily group activities, as well as recreational activities. These areas of growth are development milestones that their 
parents were told they would never achieve. 

The financial demands on their family have been great with both girls enduring multiple surgeries each year for the past four years. Without the assistance of the scholarship program at CECO the girls would be unable to attend CECO and flourish...as they deserve!