CECO’s mission is to transform the lives of children and adults with neurological motor disabilities so that they may achieve their greatest level of independence through conductive education; integrating physical, cognitive, and social skills.

It all starts with family

The Conductive Education Center of Orlando was founded by a local family in Winter Park, the Raymonds, whose son Joseph was born three months premature with Cerebral Palsy and other complications. The doctors said that Joseph might never walk, talk or stand, but like all CECO parents, they believed their son was talented, smart, funny, caring, compassionate and eager to grow and learn. They vowed to do everything in their power to help Joseph become independent and reach his full potential. The constant rush between therapies had them looking for a better option for their family’s needs.  Just before Joseph’s fourth birthday, his parents learned about a program in Budapest, Hungary called Conductive Education. This program was making it possible for children with motor disabilities to move and progress beyond the expectations of doctors, producing outcomes that exceeded what was believed to be possible. That summer, they held a 6-week pilot program with five children in Winter Park, Florida. As the weeks progressed, parents saw dramatic changes in their children and the Raymonds made a lifelong commitment to helping children with motor disabilities reach their full potential by founding The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO).

History of CECO

Since our inception in 2001, CECO has served many individuals with neurological motor disabilities. Expanding from the first pilot program of five individuals, we now house nine diverse programs serving the needs of students of all ages from all corners of the globe.

With the help of a dedicated board, our CECO families, and the staff and supporters we call our family, CECO has grown tremendously from the first session of five students to a facility housing eight programs and serving a plethora of students of all ages.

Conductive education is a learning method for individuals with neurological motor disabilities, like but not limited to Cerebral palsy, which integrates an intensive and motivating approach to the development of gross and fine motor skills, mobility and balance, flexibility and motion, social skills, communication, and speech – allowing individuals to maximize their physical independence and strength. Conductive Education is based on the idea that despite the damage to the nervous system, it still possesses the capacity to form new neural connections. Combining Conductive Education with special education, essential academic and daily life skills are taught. Through Conductive Education, CECO allows individuals to build confidence while becoming self-reliant to the best of their ability. Teaching self-care and problem-solving skills with a positive attitude – individuals with special needs learn to do what was thought impossible at CECO.