CECO offers college students the opportunity to work hands-on with children and adults who are diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. A majority of CECO’s interns are in their undergraduate degree within Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Early Childhood Education, ESE “Exceptional Student Education”, Psychology, and Pre-Medicine.

The Internship is beneficial for any person who is ambitious, self-motivated, enjoys children/adults, seeking experience within a diverse population, or has prior experience with people who have a motor disability.

CECO is partnered with the following Universities: 

  • University of Central Florida
  • Rollins College
  • Full Sail University
  • Valencia College
  • Herzing University
  • Seminole State College

If you would like additional information on how to participate in CECO’s Internship program please contact our Recruitment Manager at

PEA Job Description (PDF)

Assistant Alumni

The programs at CECO provide individuals on the job work experience that propel them forward in their professional careers. Take a look at what some of our CECO Assistant Alumni are up to.

Katrina Silva

Adventist University Conductive Education Program

Katrina Silva - Adventist University Conductive Education Program

“CECO has been a life changing experience for me. I have learned so much and found a passion in helping our students when I didn’t know what my passion was. If anything, the students at CECO have made a bigger difference in my life than I could ever dream to make in theirs. Starting from a volunteer, to assistant, then lead assistant, after a year and a half of working at CECO I slowly stopped working at CECO as a lead and started working there as a student from Adventist University majoring in Conductive Education. From volunteer all the way to CE student, I’ve loved all the learning along the way to help make a difference in the lives of the students at CECO to use their disability as an ability to work hard and be as independent as they can be.”


University of Central Florida Physical Therapy Program

“CECO has been one of my biggest blessings since I moved to Orlando for college four years ago. It helped me discover passions I never knew I had and encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone. I have always loved children and loved the thought of making an impact on people’s lives and CECO allowed me the opportunity to do just that. The students come to this place every day to learn and grow but as an intern turned lead assistant and now para professional they have taught me just as much if not more. CECO truly is my home away from home. Walking those halls are truly the highlight of my day. Since working at CECO these past two years I have become humble and have learned that it’s the little things that we take for granted most times that we need to slow down and appreciate. My dream has always been to become a doctor of physical therapy and specialize in pediatrics with a concentration on special needs children. Since CECO my dreams have altered slightly. Along with earning my degree in PT, I aspire to gain my certification in conductive education and begin my own facility very similar to the one at CECO. I will forever be grateful for The Conductive Education Center of Orlando and all of the students I’ve to have the pleasure of working with during my time there.”


Rachel Deleon Gonsalves

Adventist University Conductive Education Program

“I ventured down south two years ago from Philadelphia because working with children has always been my passion and with this move of faith, I wanted to explore the many opportunities Orlando had to offer. Before working at CECO, I had the privilege of completing my observation hours here and was offered the freedom of continuing with their Internship program. Naturally, there was no option to refuse and I have not had any regrets since! Currently, I am a student pursuing the Bachelors of Science in Conductive Education degree at AdventHealth University, studying to become a Conductor. Working at CECO now as a Practical Experience Assistant and learning from a student’s perspective has taught myself valuable insights on how to teach everyday life skills to children and adults with motor disabilities. CECO will always have a special place in my heart because it continues to create an enriching and enjoyable experience working with children with special needs in a wonderful environment. It’s a place where life-changing transformations happen, where one could truly see the pure enjoyment illustrated by every child’s smile and feel the heartwarming laughter in the environment.”


Leah Putegnat

University of Central Florida Exceptional Student Education

“CECO changing my life is an understatement. One year ago my life path was in a different line. I was working as a server in a restaurant when a regular of mine came in and sat in my section. He just simply asked what I wanted in life. I replied I am in school to hopefully become a Physical Therapist. He knew right away from the passion in my voice that CECO would be the place for me. When I toured the school I instantly fell in love. In grade school, I always had a passion for working with children, specifical children with disabilities. After interning at CECO for 2 months, I knew my life’s passion wasn’t to do PT. It was to become an ESE teacher. I switch majors, and I hope to graduate with my masters in Exceptional Student Education. The children are what hanged my life. The mission statement behind CECO is what changed my life. Having seen these students who were told they could never do something to being able to do the impossible, made me want to further this mission. I am now a practical experience assistant here at CECO, and I can honestly say I love my job and I love watching these students accomplish miracles every day. CECO is special to me in every way possible.”


Cheyanne Hevey

University of Central Florida Health Sciences Major

“I started at CECO back in 2016 when I was trying to figure out what profession I wanted to pursue. CECO not only helped me find my passion but has given me an endless amount of joy and love. The students, staff, and families at CECO are beyond incredible and have made an impact on me that I will never forget. Getting to bond with the students and see their progress first hand is something you can’t find anywhere else. It is a school full of amazing people and experiences!”


Mohammad Uzair Hammad

University of Central Florida Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

“I’m currently a student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UCF. Before getting accepted, I had the privilege of working at CECO. CECO literally changed my life! The experiences and relationships I developed with the children there are priceless to me. During my time at CECO I worked as an Assistant then a Lead Assistant. Both positions helped me develop the skills and strengths I now utilize on a daily basis during the pursuit of my degree. The conductors/ teachers at CECO took the time to teach me the children’s individual needs/goals and the best way for me to help them reach those goals. I learned more through this process than a classroom could ever have taught me! I wish everyone was able to work at CECO. The students there taught me what life’s about. Every day they motivated me to try to be as hardworking and happy as they were ( I don’t think I get close to it.) Thanks to CECO I’m one step closer to my dream career and attending the school of my dreams! #CECOSUPERHEREOS FOREVER!!!”