Not all heroes wear capes…

At CECO, our heroes are our everyday students, staff, volunteers, supporters, and community members who touch our hearts and transform our lives.    

During these challenging times, we want to THANK YOU, our EVERYDAY HERO, and encourage you to take a moment to thank the everyday heroes in your life. 

Become a CECO Everyday Hero today by supporting our students, staff, and families during this crucial time:

Share your everyday hero on social media

  1. Post your everyday hero to social media with the caption below and include the hashtag #CECOEverydayHeroes
  2. Make a gift to show your support for CECO’s Everyday Heroes
  3. Tag three friends and challenge them to make a gift and share their everyday heroes today

Not all heroes wear capes. I’m sharing my Everyday Hero, ___________, to support the everyday efforts of heroes everywhere during the COVID-19 Health Crisis and each and every day. I’m challenging my friends ________, __________, and _______ to donate in support of CECO’s everyday heroes, and to share their everyday heroes making a difference. To find out more and to make your donation today, visit