stand up for conductive education!

At Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), we work with a wide variety of people with neurological motor disorders. Everyone has their own unique skillsets and goals that they are working towards achieving. While working together in a group the students can all be working on the same activity, but each student can be working on individualized, specific goals. 

We have designed our “Stand Up for Conductive Education” event to reflect the way we tailor the tasks for our student’s by differentiating the way that each student will work on standing up to reflect the current skills they are working on. For example; one student might be working on increasing their balance and safety so they will be working on standing up with minimal support to challenge their stability, another student could be focusing on improving their strength and stamina so their activity would reflect this by working on increasing the volume or duration of the exercise. 

As we celebrate National CE Day on Thursday, February 21 2019, tell us your child’s story on how ‘Stand up for CE’ impacted his/her life.

Share pictures on social media February 21, 2019 using the hashtags:

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Last year, CECO and other Centers got involved on social media using the hashtag, #ICAN to promote the hard work their participants were doing.