We are forever grateful to WinterPark Construction and all the subcontractors that gave their donated time and material for the renovation of our Center. We also extend a heartfelt thank you to the members of the Founders Circle who have generously contributed to the recent purchase of our facility – ensuring that CECO will serve and transform lives for many years to come!

In order to provide our programs and services at a cost that affords the opportunity for any qualifying individual to participate, we must rely on the generosity of our community and friends like these listed:

Corporate Partners

A special thank you to our amazing Corporate Partners who help CECO out in many different ways!  We are indebted to your constant support!

Community Partners

Our efforts to provide high quality programs is supported by many of our community foundations and clubs…many thanks.

  • The Central Florida Women’s League
  • The Central Florida Foundation
  • Publix Foundation
  • Universal Orlando Foundation
  • Central Florida Foundation
  • Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen Foundation
  • Galloway Foundation
  • Violet & Harold Jaeke Foundation
  • Harper Foundation
  • Winter Park Health Foundation
  • CarMax Foundation
  • Wal-Mart Foundation
  • Maitland Rotary
  • Altamonte Springs Rotary

Winter Park Construction

We are forever grateful to all the subcontractors of Winter Park Construction that gave of their donated time and material for the $750,000 renovation of our new building.  This year we celebrate 5 years in our facility and this would not be possible without the generous help from Winter Park Construction and these fine partners:

  • Winter Park Construction (project leader)
  • Altamonte Glass
  • American Builder’s Supply
  • American Specialties Inc
  • Baker-Long Construction
  • Bayshore Interactive
  • BNG Construction
  • C.Q. Insulation
  • Cemex Construction Materials
  • Commercial Systems Group
  • Coral Industries
  • CraftWork Inc
  • DiPasqua Enterprises
  • Dorma USA, Inc
  • DynaFire
  • Energy Air
  • FBI
  • Fine Tune
  • GE Appliances
  • Guardian Building Products
  • Ingenuity Engineers Inc
  • Inpro Corporation
  • Raymond Construction
  • Kaye Acoustics
  • KC Curb
  • Kesco
  • L&W Supply
  • Mills and Nebraska
  • Omega Marble
  • Paxton Access
  • Ramm Paint & Drywall Inc
  • Red Bud Landscaping
  • Rexel Orlando
  • RF Supply
  • Shaw AC
  • Signature Systems of Florida
  • Slocum Platts
  • Speedy Concrete Cutting
  • SPI
  • Steel Construction Systems
  • Stellar Signs
  • Stonewood Sales
  • Straight Line Communications
  • SunColor Paints
  • Sundance Architectural Products
  • Sunrise Rail
  • TBPM
  • Terrick Construction
  • Terry’s Electric
  • Tri-City
  • TRI-ED Distribution
  • United Fire Protection
  • Waste Management
  • Wayne Automatic Fire
  • White’s Site
  • YKK AP America


In 2015, Florida Hospital’s Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) became the first university in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science in Conductive Education. ADU also offers a certificate program for students currently holding their bachelor’s degree. In May 2017, the first certificate holders graduated from the program, giving CECO an unparalleled opportunity to hire full or part-time conductors from our local community. The ADU program has incredible potential to increase CECO’s capacity in the immediate and long-term future. CECO’s vision is to send conductors into the community to reach even more of the vastly underserved 9,400 Florida children who are currently living with motor disabilities.

Visit ADU Website