The Adult program focuses on the development and improvement of the participants’ daily living skills. It provides multiple opportunities to apply and integrate new skills into everyday life situations.

Every individual is given the opportunity to have an active role in their individual learning.  The program will focus on daily living and social skill development through conductive education.

“CECO’s Adult Part-Time Program helps my son manage symptoms of his cerebral palsy. The exercise, stretching, and massage help with his muscle tone, movements, and coordination. It allows him to succeed in ways he never thought he would or could. He is healthier than he has ever been because it keeps his body and minds active.”

– Vicky, Joseph’s Mom

Members of the program will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful daily activities that promote lifelong education, independence, and acquiring new, fundamental skills. A development plan will be created for each member of the program by identifying each person’s unique abilities, goals, and interests. To maximize individuals’ abilities and foster learning, active participation of the participants is imperative and required.

Full Day Program Information

  • 22 years old & Up
  • August-May
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Part Time Program Information

  • 22 years old & Up
  • October-May
  • Monday & Wednesday & Friday
  • 9:00 am- 12:00 pm



  1. Complete an Application– Each family is required to complete an application and submit the required documents. Click Here to get started.
  2. Schedule a Tour – Come see our students in action! Know more about Conductive Education and our lifelong programs.
  3. Schedule a Complimentary Assessment – Assessments are completed either at our center or by video submission. Our Evaluation Team will review and complete a recommendation report.
  4. Assessment Report Review – Within a week, families will receive a recommendation report which will include a program placement or organization referral. The Admissions & Communication Manager will follow up once the report is sent.
  5. Enroll and Share – The Admissions & Communication Manager will assist you with enrollment, tuition breakdown, and resources available. Then share your excitement on social media about joining CECO.

For enrollment process and tuition information, please contact Katherine Perez, Admissions & Communication Manager at (407) 671-4687 or