Individual CE sessions are available to any child recommended for conductive education program. The individual with physical motor disabilities, the conductor and parent/caregiver will work together to develop a program that will address the participant’s unique needs. Tutoring is scheduled in one to two-hour sessions at the center or at home within a 20 mile radius.

“With Individual Sessions at CECO, Ryan is able to do more independently. He’s learned to initiate actions like feeding himself and it’s taught me how to help him be an active participant, even though he still needs support.”

-Allison, Ryan’s Mom

Program Information

  • Individual Session are offered August-May
  • All ages may join this program once recommended
  • 1.5- 2 hours a week can help reach their potential



  1. Complete an Application– Each family is required to complete an application and submit required documents. Click Here to get started.
  2. Schedule a Tour – Come see our students in action! Know more about Conductive Education and our lifelong programs.
  3. Schedule a Complimentary Assessment – Assessments are completed either at our center or by video submission. Our Evaluation Team will review and complete a recommendation report.
  4. Assessment Report Review – Within a week, families will receive a recommendation report which will include a program placement or organization referral. The Admissions & Communication Manager will follow up once report is sent.
  5. Enroll and Share – The Admissions & Communication Manager will assist you with enrollment, tuition breakdown, and resources available. Then share your excitement on social media about joining CECO.

For enrollment process and tuition information, please contact Katherine Perez,
Admissions & Communication Manager at (407) 671-4687 or