Participants who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can join CECO’s group program. After a few sessions, participants report improvement with posture and symmetry, ability to overcome tremors, balance and coordination, overcoming freezing, writing techniques, and control over involuntary movements.

“With conductive education for Parkinson’s disease, I have been able to maintain a better degree of movement and have achieved a greater level of independence and a better quality of life while minimizing medication and the inherent side effects.”

– J.P.

PRogram Information

  • 1st class FREE for new participants
  • 3 Saturdays per month l 2 hours per session l $50 per class

After few sessions participants report improvement with:

  • Posture and symmetry
  • Improve ability to overcome tremors
  • Balance and coordination
  • Overcome freezing
  • Improve writing technique
  • Reduce and control involuntary movements

For registration process and cost information, please contact Katherine Perez, Admissions & Communication Manager at (407) 671-4687 or

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