The school day program incorporates conductive and special education academia. The program is designed to address the overall needs of children and young adults with motor disabilities. The instructional team will focus on the development of cognitive, motor, social and daily living skills. The Conductors and ESE Teachers adapt unique lessons to address the needs, goals, and abilities of each student.


  • K- 12 Private School
  • 5 years old- 22 years old
  • August-May
  • Monday- Friday
  • 8:15 am-2:15 pm (Extended Day Available)

“In CECO’s School Day Program, Hanna can be at school working in a group, having fun with teachers and friends just like any other kid. It is a very powerful experience for her. We relocated from Texas because CECO is the only place where she can have this. CECO is a national treasure.”

-Christina, Hanna’s Mom

  • Small ratios in a classroom setting
  • Individual Goal Planning
  • Conductor and ESE Teacher collaboration
  • Florida Scholarships: Families can apply for the McKay or the Gardiner Scholarship

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In an effort to provide access to Conductive Education for all CECO students, an Instructional Continuity Plan has been developed according to the EMERGENCY ORDER 2020-OE-06.  CECO’s Board of Directors, leadership team, teachers and staff members made the following decision regarding opening our center for the 2020 Fall Semester:

The first day of school will be August
24, 2020
, as it was originally planned, and the 2020-2021 academic school
year calendar will remain the same 

The full array of services will be
provided five days a week for all students 

Families may choose from the
following instructional options:

to Face Model

The CECO Face-to-Face Model is
traditional learning for families who would like their students to return to
school beginning August 24th.  Students returning to CECO and
receive instruction under the increased precautionary and safety protocols
related to COVID-19.


The Hybrid Learning option is a
combination of Face-to-Face Model and the Virtual Program. Families who select
the Hybrid Learning option will send their students on selected days of the
week and continue learning at home during the remaining days. CECO teachers
will teach from their brick and mortar classroom.

Virtual Individual (VI) Sessions 

Individual Virtual Sessions is a
live lesson option. This format is a 1:1 virtual instruction and is for students
whose learning through the CECO system would not be optimized. Students will be
given 1:1 individualized instruction either using the Jigsaw or Zoom platforms
Monday through Friday. The duration of the sessions will be determined based on
the student’s unique needs. Teachers will teach from their brick and mortar

Parents may choose at the beginning of the Fall Semester for
their student to participate in the Face to Face Model, Virtual
Program, Hybrid Learning or Virtual Individual (VI) Session. Regardless of
selection, all students will be provided the same content and support during
the semester.   

Benefits of the School Year Program