“Although I had a healthy pregnancy, when Carly was born she wasn’t breathing and had to be taken immediately to the neonatal intensive care unit. We later learned that she had a rare heart defect, where the tricuspid valve was malformed, and her heart was unable to push the blood to the lungs.
Carly was put on a life support machine to by-pass her heart and lungs, and the doctors could not tell us if she would live. Carly’s 6-1/2 week stay in the hospital was the most terrifying time of our lives. We would wake up every morning and go to bed every night with the same thought, “Will our baby survive?” It was difficult to see our daughter with all the tubes and wires connected to her and her body swollen and discolored from her organs failing. Slowly, Carly began to progress and went from a tiny new baby with no heart, lung, kidney or liver function to a beautiful, pink, chubby-cheeked baby in six weeks. We finally felt the worst was behind us and that Carly was coming home and would be fine.

Before leaving the hospital, the doctors were able to run tests that confirmed the fear they had explained from the beginning. The doctor explained to my husband and I that Carly had suffered a severe brain injury as a result of her lack of oxygen.

Believe it or not, it’s hard to really remember how difficult that time was because Carly is so happy today. From the time Carly was 18 months till her 4th birthday, we worked at home with Carly. We were guided by the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, PA, that worked with children with brain injuries. Our family and the amazing volunteers who worked with us were able to help Carly learn to sit and crawl independently and walk with assistance. We were able to remove the G-tube when she started eating on her own. She also could follow many commands and say a few words.
When we needed some help and felt Carly could benefit from a new program, we were fortunate and grateful to find Conductive Education. (At CECO) Carly has made significant progress in social skills, cognitive, understanding, and speech.

The one-on-one attention that Carly receives is so beneficial to her learning and progress. There are so many things that are unique about Conductive Education that help the children who attend. However, I believe the key to success is that the Conductors and the assistants believe that your child CAN DO more than they may realize and with that belief, the goals can become a reality. We are grateful for everyone at Conductive Education for their dedication, encouragement, and caring attitude. We look forward to all of the new things Carly will enjoy in the years to come.”

Lisa Mang, Parent


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