“As Cooper’s first school year at CECO comes to an end, we are amazed at the progress that he has made in that short time. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t feel thankful that our son is at such a wonderful school. Every time you walk through the doors, it is clear how much everyone believes in each child. The teachers and conductors have an amazing ability to connect with the students. We have just been so impressed with the entire staff.

We have seen unbelievable progress in one school year. Cooper is communicating more and more. He is learning so much. We have seen a ton of improvement in his behavior. He is eating entire meals with utensils. He even took a few independent steps recently.  We also see a huge difference in his confidence.

We are so glad we discovered Conductive Education for Cooper. Making the decision to move him to CECO was the best decision we have ever made. There is no doubt that we have CECO to thank for all of his progress this year. The bonus is that Cooper loves school more than ever. He all smiles when we pull up in the morning, and he never wants to leave. It is the best feeling for a parent!”

Melissa – Cooper’s Mom

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