Luke was born at 42 weeks after a picture perfect pregnancy.  Unfortunately, there were complications during delivery that resulted in his hearing loss, vision impairment and the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.  Although Luke started to receive Early Intervention services at three months of age, his progress was slow. The public school system in New York was great, but Luke was in a wheelchair 90% of his day, with only a few hours of therapy services per week.  We knew after his first year in Kindergarten that we needed to step up his services ASAP and find instructors that would push Luke to do more. He needed something different than the standard PT & OT that wasn’t working. Unfortunately, the number of “alternative” therapies for children with CP is limited.

An internet search brought us to CECO.  We decided to give it a try for a year, and we uprooted our family from New York to Orlando for Luke to attend their full-day program for the school year.  CECO told us to leave his wheelchair at home, and after the first few weeks, Miss Jane had him walking with canes. AMAZING strides in such a short period! She also focused on self-feeding and potty training which have made our lives so much better and so much more “normal.”

After the first semester, we knew CECO was where Luke needed to be.  He is now in his second year and is starting to walk independently with minimal assistance.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, Luke took several steps without a cane or walker. When I saw the video, I cried! It is has been shared with our family all over the country! We are pleased that CECO is also focusing on Luke’s academics and working to incorporate more assistive technologies into the curriculum.

CECO and their full day program have been such a blessing for Luke and our family.  Luke LOVES school, his teachers, aides and the CECO staff and we know that they love him.  They are all WONDERFUL, and we feel so fortunate to have them in our lives!

Courtney and Eric Swanson


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