Max is learning to stand up.

“Max became a member of the CECO family a little over 1 year ago. Although Max was receiving Physical, Speech and Hearing services, we were seeking more than the standard provided. Most parents will agree, we did not want to leave any stone unturned. As fate would have it, we moved back to Orlando less than 2 miles from CECO. When we walked in for our evaluation, any apprehension we had was soothed within the first 10 minutes because they saw what we see in our son…”

“When Max started at CECO in the youngster’s program, he couldn’t crawl, he didn’t speak, he could barely sit up assisted and he could only roll over. With CECO’s help, at age 2; Max is pulling to stand, wobbly cruising furniture, self-feeding, running around like a crazy person in his gait trainer getting into the toilet paper rolls and cabinets, making messes, annoying our dog (in the most loving way of course,) using 50+ meaningful words.”

“CECO has provided a base foundation of core skills and abilities that reinforce all of his other therapies, both standard, and alternative. It’s as if he is learning how to do things quicker than before. He loves his CECO family and they love him too.”

“From a parent’s perspective; not only did we see an improvement in our son, but also ourselves. In the challenging beautiful chaotic world of a special needs parent, worrying about what they are eating, doing, wearing, and watching if they are happy, healthy, and encouraged… It feels good to know you are making at least some of the right choices. CECO has undoubtedly been one of them.”

-Mackenzie & Adam- Max’s Parents


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