CECO is an outstanding program that has a holistic approach that is highly effective with kids that experience disability.  We are so blessed and thankful to be a part of their program.  It’s been the most instrumental and rewarding program that supports our daughters’ needs.  It is truly a key that has unlocked areas of development that would usually be in dormant or prolonged for her if not given the opportunity.  CECO is that key.
We were in search of something that would make a difference in our daughters’ life and that would bring out and strengthen her abilities.  So we were so excited to tour and see the techniques that were being used to assist children with disability especially with down syndrome.  Ms. Perez and the staff greeted us with compassion and kindness. We truly enjoyed what the kids were experiencing.  They were having so much fun learning.  We were even more excited after touring CECO beautiful facility to support precious little ones.  You could see how the teacher and the supporting assistant loved working with each child and they were very effective. That same love that hopes for those kids transcended to help every child in the class to reach their personal expectation and supported them to grow. You could see how the children responded. Every child is unique.  I left praying that my baby would have this wonderful opportunity to advance, gain confidence and practice technique with encouraging songs and educational support successfully.  CECO shows compassion and love for children.
Tehillah has progressed because she has been given the confidence and opportunity to succeed.  She has taken her first steps to walk through the CECO program. She is developing social and communicative skills and learning how to support others with their goals and accomplishments.  CECO brings results.
Through CECO, I’ve learned even more how children are born to thrive and can go beyond their circumstance with the right support. When Tehillah enters her class with Ms. Andrea and Alaiyiah ready to show what she has learned and to do other strategic activities displayed in her classroom. It’s therapy and development through play.
CECO is the best place for your child. They have played a huge part of my daughter growth and development.  It’s an outstanding and exceptional program.  I thank them for all that they have done and continue to do for our children.  

CECO cares ❤
Thank you CECO! 
Love from,

James and Doreen Johnson
Tehillah’s Parents

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