“I didn’t know my student could do that”

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic school closures, our instructional team was quickly challenged with creating an online curriculum that would incorporate the physical, cognitive and social stability and instruction that our students and families have come to love and depend upon.

With countless conference calls, technology hurdles, and small victories, we persevered until we created the country’s first Virtual Conductive Education programming for students with motor disabilities. Featuring CECO’s developed Conductive Education model, integrating an intensive and motivating approach to the development of gross and fine motor skills, mobility and balance, flexibility and motion, social skills, communication, and speech. CECO’s Virtual Conductive Education options feature one on one and group online sessions with our qualified teaching staff, flexible scheduling to accommodate participants’ needs, and completely customized conductive education programming… all through a screen!

CECO’s Virtual Learning Options features:

Customized Programming

Individualized programming for students with special needs, no more one size fits all education models. Designed to help your student reach their specific educational goals.

Options include:

  • Virtual Summer Camp Programming
  • Individual Virtual Sessions

One on one sessions

Individualized attention of one of our qualified Conductive Education Teachers and certified Conductors

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible schedules to accommodate student’s needs

For more information about CECO’s Virtual Learning Opportunities, please contact our Enrollment Team by calling 407-671-4687 or emailing Admissions@ceco.org