Conductive Education- From Anywhere!

CECO's Virtual Programming individuals with neurological motor disabilities provides an engaging program that incorporates lifelong education and fundamental skills. Available for ages 5-18, individualized Conductive Education programming with a focus on physical independence for a greater quality of life- all through a screen!

Conductive Education Programming for All Ages

CECO's Full Day Adult Program is designed for individuals ages 22 and up with motor and developmental disabilities. Our high-quality programming focuses on the development and improvement of the participants’ daily living skills. It provides multiple opportunities to apply and integrate new skills into everyday situations while remaining physically active.

CECO's Full Day School Program

The school day program incorporates conductive and special education academia. The program is designed to address the overall needs of children and young adults with motor disabilities. The instructional team will focus on the development of cognitive, motor, social and daily living skills. The Conductors and ESE Teachers adapt unique lessons to address the needs, goals, and abilities of each student.