Enrollment for Summer Camp is now open!

CECO offers a fun and educational summer camp, focused on Conductive Education, which implements an intensive physical, social-emotional, and cognitive program for individuals with motor disabilities, like but not limited to Cerebral palsy and Spina bifida. With families travelling from all corners of the globe to attend programming, CECO is proud to offer programming options for all ages from early childhood through adulthood.

CECO's Full Day School Program

The school day program incorporates conductive and special education academia. The program is designed to address the overall needs of children and young adults with motor disabilities. The instructional team will focus on the development of cognitive, motor, social and daily living skills. The Conductors and ESE Teachers adapt unique lessons to address the needs, goals, and abilities of each student.

Check out our new Virtual Learning Program

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic school closures, our instructional team was quickly challenged with creating an online curriculum that would incorporate the physical, cognitive and social stability and instruction that our students and families have come to love and depend upon. With the support of our CECO families and the amazing dedication of our students, we were able to create an unprecedented online learning platform that nurtured heartfelt connections and fostered educational progress for our students.